Lazy Sunday Specials

A little late for the Lazy Sunday special, but don’t worry the 75L offer is still good until 11:59pm SLT tonight, Sunday, September 22, 2013.


Nani Couple Fall PoseILAYA Leather dress

Senafine Dress (Taupe) Collision Jewelry Set Due 2 tone side ponytail tea Bow Rin Ploom Retro Kitty Cat PoseKuro Leaf outdoor lightsCleo Living RoomAlloette FramesLittleHouse Flower pots Lucifers Lime Slides

► Nani Poses
► [ILAYA] 
► Senzafine
► Collisions
► Due
► tea.a 
► Ploom
► Kuro
Cleo Designs 
► Alouette
► Little House of Curios
► Lucifer’s Heart 
► The Plastik (Corset, not shown)

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