Crescent Moons & Chasing Ghosts

Zibska, close-up

With today marking the first day of Fall and recently finding out that I was selected to be an official blogger for Pumpkin Town 2013, I’m getting into the spooky spirit.  When I spotted the Zibska Alcmene jewelry set at The Gift Gallery Shop, I was inspired by the crescent moon shaped necklace to explore Ghostville, an art installation sim by Cica Ghost.  I paired the Alcmene color-change necklace and cuff set with Bodil earrings on the 60L weekend special, and the Velz (free purple eyeshadow) available at Zibska store until Monday, September 23, 2013, to create the mood of the witching season. Take some time to check out Ghostville, Gift Shop & Zibska, you’ll be surprised at the gems you’ll find!

Zibska Full- necklace & earrings


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