50L Friday- Fall Home Decor

50L Friday Logo

Fifty Linden Friday is filled with home decor pieces and a few fall fashion.  As always the 50L price is only good until this evening, Friday, September 20, 2013 11:59pm SLT.


What next rustic rocking chair

What next pine rocking chair

vespertine - lamp set Half Deer, Display Case

Half Deer, Deer EarsNoodles Wall Key Display Noodles Bracelet Miel Dress tulip red bob Tulip brown bob

Floorplan at teawood, pears Commoner - chatterbox Zigana - pipe

► What Next (Rocking Chairs in Pine & Rustic)
► vespertine (Table Lamps)
► Half Deer (Deer Ears & Display Case)
► Noodles (Bracelet & Wall Key Rack)
► Miel (Plaid Dresses)
► tulip. (Hair in Red & Brown)
► Teawood (Plate of Pears)
► Commoner (Deck of Cards)
► Zigana (Pipe)


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