Sad conclusion…

This morning I’m sure you excepted to read the final conclusion to the August round of Flora’s Fashion Contest, but unfortunately I will no longer be covering that event.  It has come to my attention that the monthly styling contest is dishonest and I will not promote anything that could taint my reputation.  I am greatly sadden and very upset by the actions of the owner, Flora Raven.

This is the first time in my life (real life or second life) that I will not complete a job because of my ethical stand.  This decision could harm me grealty in the SL modeling world, however after much pondering, my readers need to know the truth, or at least my experience.

I am new to the modeling world and have very little experience.  I only enter contests for the fun and artistic expression.  I’m not motivated by money or fame.  When I entered and won the July round of FFc, I was very excited and proud of myself as a stylist on the grid.  The challenges were extremely difficult and the extra added pressure of time played its role.

Flora approached me during the contest about blogging for her.  At the time, I was concerned with conflict of interest, but Ms. Raven assured me that it wouldn’t be a problem.  After the three grueling days of styling and winning, Flora asked me a few days after the contest ended, if I would be the “official blogger” for FFc.  I was honored and wanted to expand the social media presence of FFc and my own blog.  Within two seconds of me agreeing to blog FFc, Flora asked if I “tipped FFc yet?”  This is completely embarrassing, but I had no idea what to say or do.  Her insistence and pushy behavior was bullying.  My modeling mentor was out-of-town and I had no one to ask for advice.  So, I gave Flora part of my winnings back.  I felt victimized. I never told anyone because it was so humiliating.  I hoped we could get past this and I could build my career in SL as a journalist.

Why am I telling you, my readers, this story now?  I was approached by two different people wanting to know if Flora asked me to return part of my winnings “as a tip.”  I was sure since the two people were not connected that this embarrassing incident was becoming gossip and my reputation was being soiled.  I wanted my readers to know the truth.  And, I don’t want this to happen to another unsuspecting person; model, stylist, designer or whoever.

As far as I know, all the judges, designers, sponsors, and the hostess are honest people.  At no time has anyone in the team treated the contestants or fellow team members in an unprofessional manner with the exception of Flora Raven.  On a personal level, Ms. Raven is constantly demeaning, rude and insulting to me.  Her actions are strictly self-motived.

To my readers and friends, I look forward to happier days.  I will always be truthful to you.  I will not be as trusting or foolish.  I will never promote unethical behavior.  I’m sorry I disappointed you because so many of you have styling abilities and a love for fashion.  I feel terrible that I led you down a dark alley.  I’m greatly sorry.

13 thoughts on “Sad conclusion…

  1. Rhiannon McKenna says:

    If anyone’s reputation should be tarnished, it’s hers, for having the nerve to do such a thing.
    Anyone who knows you will know the truth – you keep holding your head high and be your wonderful, sweet self!

  2. Kaliwillo Lane says:

    Yes I agree. You always approach the events with a great spirt oh learning no matter what the outcome. You continue to wow me with you abilities and heart. You have nothing to be ashamed of. There are so many models that get taken advantage of. It is important to protect them. You did it in a professional way …once again showing what a classy lady you are.

  3. Ava Jhamin says:

    I have to in all good conscious also set the record straight. I have been working along side Flora since the conception of FCc. She is still learning and I am not here to make excuses. I know that Flora would ask the contestants if they would like to donate back to FCc. Right or wrong it is a choice not something that is required. I am very sad that Gloria is no longer part of the FCc family.

    I was also approached regarding the judges and if they know or even have family who are in this or any competition for that matter. I can only speak for myself on this matter and I am going to. I have family and I have my business and also my reputation. I don’t care who the people are in the competition all are judged by me on the criteria of that competition. I have worked far to hard to get competitions to a level of the best should win. Not the one with the most friends and get voted, nor the ones who pick who the bloody hell they want. All of the judges in the FCc competition feel as I do. The best will win.

    I also don’t agree with any contest asking for monies back from the contestants in any form. As far as the bullying again to me there is a difference between someone who is passionate about what she does and is very forthright and strong in what she wants and a bully. But in this case it is Gloria’s feelings as it was done to her. I don’t agree with bullying in any way shape or form and I will leave it at that. I also have since spoken to Flora regarding this.

    I do however wish more people including Gloria would go directly to the source and do this instead of again (form of bullying) going to a public forum. We didn’t see you at FCc and didn’t know any of these feelings of yours until we read here….

    Ava Jhamin, CEO
    L’Amour Model Management & Productions
    FCc Judge

  4. Flora Raven says:

    Gloria i am doing this contest its been nearly 3 months i agree there are few rumors about the contest but they are just mere rumors.You were part of a ffc family but you decided to leave it very unproffesionally.You were provided with all respect.My hostess announced you as our blogger in announcements you were given clothes also for the contest and also were paid with lindens.And the part about bullying its just rubbish the people working with me knows this very well to tip the contest or not its totatly up to to you i cant force anyone to give the lindens back.If i was in anyway dishonest i would’nt have gave you the lindens in the first place along with all the prizes Just because you don’t want to do a event blogging anymore its no reason to bad mouth such a reputed contest.Thank you Very much.

    Flora Raven,CEO

  5. Oraclelight Resident says:

    OK, I , who recently became a disqualified contestant (from my oversight..not reading the instructions slow enough to get the styling right). Anyhoo.. If I had a reason to be disgruntled…it would be this minute…yet I am not. I am a peaceful going person who owns up to her own mistakes. I have no reason to complain other than to myself about myself. However, i must say that I recently met and witnessed none of the qualities initially mentioned. Flora has been very helpful and not knowing who i was gave me some very valuable advice on how to be a better model.

    I think that is the duty of every model, former or current. I believe that personalities clash and mannerisms get misinterpreted. But then again no one is hard on me than me. I see the double-standard among various sl industries in which a host of a club can ask guest..”hey remember to tip your dj.” However. in another industry it’s frowned upon. I don’t know I’m still a very new model and this week was my first week being in runway shows. Trusting is a precious thing i realize.

    I decided to take a step back and look at this from both view points ..and i can see them both. comes from two very different places. What i see here is a lack of communication and a venting that comes from a hurt deeper then a request. All I can say is this… this subject isn’t about warning the public. This shouldn’t have been made a blog post to the public. not for something so trivial.All you could have said was no.. i had not thought to do that nor do you feel required. topic closed. but this public lashing must be about something else to ruin a person’s character and the reputation of a show who was quick to disqualify me for not listening.

    I tend to be a problem solver and a peace maker. I recommend that you, Gloria, rise a little higher than the classiness Kaliwillo mentioned. you should remove this post. Saying that the contest was dishonest is sounds like label. In my opinion for whatever it is worth, go to Flora (out of the public eye) and really discuss things. get to the bottom of whatever is disturbing you. but not in the public eye. if you make a habit of smashing someone’s character every time you get upset, you will find bloggers doing the same thing to you. keep your Karma good my dear. i say this because you are missing out on the good person person i met. If you have no interest in doing that.. so be it.

    This blog is pulling models and design leaders in this to take sides is very unprofessional. Everything that is upsetting you. Think about it (playing devil’s advocate now) once things are out on the internet you cannot take that back. Would a new company hire an applicant that tears his former boss apart? no. I do not mean to accuse you of falsehood, i am just pointing out the fact that you two are thinking on different levels. you just need the right interpreter.

  6. Darlene Snowbear says:

    I must say I am quite surprised by this all. I was wondering where Gloria was today but we all know rl comes first so thought the best, not the worst. For me I don’t have family or friends that have entered and I always seperate business and personal. I don’t play favorites and have had some people who dislike me for that but I stay true to my standards. I have not seen the behavior you speak of Gloria but your feelings are your own. Flora has always been professional with me and with others in my observation and opinion. I have never been pressured in my decisions concerning the contests and always give my own opinion. I am surprised at the use of the word bullying. There is a huge difference in one who is passionate and not afraid to let it show and one who uses clout or other methods to have their way or will done. This I have not seen at all. Its really too bad that you didn’t at least come to one of us if you had a concern. There is no conspiracy sorry. I met Flora thru a request asking for any model. I met Ava thru this contest as a new judge and Summitt the same way as I did you Gloria. So sorry that you feel this way but I think you could have handled it much, much better. Best of luck.

  7. Eleseren says:

    I was asked to be a guest judge and sponsor for the last month’s Flora’s Fashion Contest. Not knowing much about the competition I checked it out and spoke to my good friend Ava Jhamin. She assured me that, unlike many SL modelling competitions, this one was scrupulously fair and transparent, and on this basis I agreed to be involved. I have found what Ava said to be true. When we judged the competition this month there was no bias or pressure to vote a certain way, we based our decisions on what the contestants were able to produce, within the brief given and the timescales given. Who they were or what their pedigree as a model was was never taken into account. Having had a little modelling experience myself and having got my fingers burned on much bigger competitions that turned out to be totally rigged I was pleasantly surprised about how honest and fair this competition was. I dont know anything about the tipping and can only assume this was a misunderstanding. Flora is very passionate about what she does and I think sometimes possibly leaps in, however I cannot cannot cannot believe she would ever expect winners to pay back. This competition deserves to continue, and I really hope Gloria that you take up this matter privately with Flora and sort this misunderstanding out.

  8. gloriasilverstone says:

    First, when I posted my feelings this morning, I was expected a negative comment or two, but not the barrage of scolding personal attacks. Yes, maybe I should have found a more elegant way to remove myself from this contest. However, I racked my brain and kept coming to the conclusion that only two people knew about the incident, myself and Flora. I never told anyone. The rumors were spreading like wildfire, and I can only attest that the other party was driving the gossip. I never at anytime accussed the other judges, sponsors or contestants of a collusion. In fact, I stated:

    “As far as I know, all the judges, designers, sponsors, and the hostess are honest people. At no time has anyone in the team treated the contestants or fellow team members in an unprofessional manner with the exception of Flora Raven. On a personal level, Ms. Raven is constantly demeaning, rude and insulting to me.”

    I’m very glad to learn that other FFc team members and contestants have never had a negative interaction with Flora. I gather when someone says “just do as I tell you” or “where’s Gloria? drag her a** in here” (referring to a group chat), these are a form of bullying and insulting someone else. I highly doubt these comments are misunderstandings, or need an interpreter.

    The reason I didn’t finish my job today was because I was approached by a friend last night asking if the rumor was true. She heard the rumor at the 24 event and my name was tied to the accusation of bribing. At no time did I ever pay for a win in this contest, OR any other contest. At no time did I ever bribe, OR collude with the judges of this contest, OR any other contest. I was asked by Flora to tip FFc, a week after I won the July contest. I couldn’t in all good conscience promote a contest where my name was aligned with this accusation. I needed to address this ‘falsehood’ immediately. I personally asked a number of my close friends if they were interested in participating in the Flora Fashion Contest. The mere fact that the month old incident was becoming a new topic of conversation was very alarming to me. I never told anyone including my modeling mentor or best friend/roommate in RL & SL. So, how does everyone know? I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

    Finally, this is my own personal blog. I never posted this article on the FFc Facebook page or blog website, that I created and managed for Flora. I blog and style fashion I love, events I think are important and hunts that are fun. I do not review copies of garment because I want to be objective. I rarely received free items and mostly purchase everything I blog. When I started this blog in December of 2012, I wanted to serve as a resource to my readers. If I don’t broadcast the truth then I have no integrity and can not consider myself a journalist.

  9. Kaliwillo Lane says:

    It is part of the basic training I got years ago when I started modeling that I am sorry none of you seem to be taught anymore. Any contest that gives you something then asks for lindens in anyway is one to avoid. I never have been asked for lindens after being paid for a contest or modeling job. I appreciate that you all may approach things differently … But I have been taught and agree that it is unprofessional to even ask that of a contestant.
    On what happened in sl I cannot speak for personally as I was not there due to else family illness. As for what I read here, some of you have stated your thoughts professionally and others have attacked her. This tends to happen in these type of forums. This is her blog, she was polite but stated her feelings and concerns about her experience. She has the right to share good and bad from her point of view.
    I will remind her again that the group here that voiced their thoughts do not represent the entire modeling community but just themselves. There are a lot of great contest out there and wonderful people like the ones I have met over the years. It is up to each of us to do our best to project our talent and beliefs. Continue to stand up for yours Gloria and keep up the good work in your modeling.

  10. eleseren says:

    I am reading the comments today, and I do understand Gloria why you need to protect your reputation from what seems to be some vicious rumours circulating, into which you and your good name seem to have been dragged. I am musing if there are other factors involved here. It doesnt seem logical for Flora to have started rumours damaging to her own competition, and I completely agree that you wouldnt have spread them either. Is it possible that the rumours are simply malicious smear rumours started by parties unknown, and just have got tangled up with the tipping misunderstanding? We all know that the world of modelling in SL is not squeaky clean, and there are factions and vested interests, and sheer plain jealousy of course. Its just a thought. I hope these rumours die down, for your sake Gloria, as this cannot be pleasant for you, but also for the sake of FFC as it does, based on my experience, represent a truly level playing field for any aspiring stylist.

  11. Ava Jhamin says:

    I have since first response spoken to Gloria. And I believe that no human being can tell another how to feel. I also know as a rl newspaper woman that all are entitled to speak freely, it’s the gift of the land. I will stand behind FFC because this is a true blue contest and for me, myself, and I, seeing over the past 5 years all the ones that are not. I will stand behind FFC with all I am. I think this is truly a case of miscommunication and in my humble opinion it is done. I wish nothing but the best for Gloria and this would not again affect my decision on her as a person. Not all people are going to get the inner person and there will be personality conflicts. I also know because I have been Flora’s mentor and helping her since the beginning that her heart is bigger then most, and she loves this competition above all. I do agree that contestants NEVER pay they only get paid, and win monies. But truth be told there are a ton of them that are much more harmful out there…no names will be used.

    For me this is now done. We will carry on and deal with situations as they arise. I am sad for the whole thing but no matter what FFC will go on and so will Gloria and Flora. Have a awesome day readers and remember this. What makes this wide beautiful world of ours go on……LOVE that’s what….


  12. gloriasilverstone says:

    Personally, I hoped this matter would be closed but unfortunately, it seems to drag on and on. I spoke with Ava Jhamin on Sunday, September 1, 2013 and was informed that Flora Raven supplied Ava with some of our conversation history. Personally, I find this act to be offensive and intrusive. When I engage in a friendship on SL, I expect my relationships and messages to remain private. However, Ava stated that I did not supply facts and made baseless accusations designed to “publicly bully” Flora (as quoted in her comments on 8/31/13). Since, I have been accused of baseless accusations, below is the im history with Flora, and two informants (whose identities are hidden because unlike Flora, I respect my friendships).

    Flora stated in her remarks on MY blog that I received gifts, clothes, and was well paid for my blogging and marketing efforts. Flora’s comment on 8/31/13: “you were given clothes also for the contest and also were paid with lindens.”

    The FACTS:

    Remuneration: less than the Lindens I received in winnings!!! for creation, set-up, maintenance and update on the FFc blog page and Facebook page. I also did all the photos and slide show including every contestant, participant and judge.

    -Outfit #1 (8-24-13): first round was graciously given to me by Banba Muircastle of Bohemian Gypsy- Thank you ☺

    -Outfit #2 (8-25-13): second round of contest, was a freebie, available to all from Else Brianna of Romance Couture. Flora never arranged with the designer to provide me with an outfit, so I went to the store and purchased the freebie.

    -Outfit #3 (8-30-13): No outfit was provided from Pure Poison, although I sent a NC with my selection to Shaleene Kenin

    July Contest Winnings:

    -Pure Poison gown and tiara received promptly.
    -1000 Lindens cash, Flora requested donation back

    After several weeks of not receiving the remaining gifts and asking Flora, I sent notecards to the designers. I wanted to blog the gifts along with photos, to promote the FFc contest.

    I received:
    – 3000L Eden Jewelry gift card
    – 20+ poses from Ovation Poses (partial received)

    Outstanding gifts are: 3000L giftcard from Lillou’s Design, & vendor ad from Ovation Poses is pending. Also, there was never a photographer arranged, in fact Flora demanded that I find a photographer on my own time and money.

    [2013/07/31 01:22] floraniana: cant find a damn phtopgrpher fr our pic
    [2013/07/31 01:33] floraniana: but do find a photographer

    Additionally, after reading and rereading the posts from Flora and Ava, they both referenced in their comments that they condoned the tipping policy of FFc.

    Ava’s comment on 8/31/13: “I know that Flora would ask the contestants if they would like to donate back to FCc.”
    Flora’s statement on 8/31/13: “people working with me knows this very well to tip the contest or not its totatly up to to you”

    Flora’s insistence regarding the “tipping” dominated the conversation and was not a request. Furthermore, I learned after working as head blogger for FFc, the sponsors provide all gowns to the FFc team. Flora’s statement that she needed money for clothes (in bold below) is false. 4 days after I won July FFc contest, Flora again asked me for money in the 7/31/13 im conversation. She repeated the request so I couldn’t miss her point.

    Here is my im history from Flora informing me about “tipping”:

    [2013/07/22 13:42] floraniana: but suppose if you win u will have to add ffc to yr picks and tip us
    [2013/07/22 13:42] gloriasilverstone: lol
    [2013/07/22 13:42] floraniana: seriously cause thts the only muny i get as fr myself
    [2013/07/22 13:43] floraniana: and come on i also need to go shopping once in a while
    [2013/07/22 13:43] floraniana: lol

    Days later:
    [2013/07/31 01:27] floraniana: another thing have you tipped ffc after you won ?
    [2013/07/31 01:27] gloriasilverstone: That gives me a few sec to style it and get the right mood
    [2013/07/31 01:27] floraniana: another thing have you tipped ffc after you won ?
    [2013/07/31 01:29] floraniana: its ok if u dont want to
    [2013/07/31 01:29] gloriasilverstone: Do I tip you directly or is there a place to go?
    [2013/07/31 01:30] floraniana: directly to me but i had a panda tip jar removed frm the lamour cause there is a fshion show on 3rd
    [2013/07/31 01:31] gloriasilverstone: oh ok

    I kept this incident private, and I was shocked and dismayed, when the first informant asked me if I gave Flora money. Below is the conversation. I’m keeping the identity private.
    [2013/08/09 18:34] Model informant: I hear from reliable sources that Flo asked you for prize money
    [2013/08/09 18:34] Model informant: Is that true
    [2013/08/09 18:34] gloriasilverstone: Who’s Flo?
    [2013/08/09 18:35] gloriasilverstone: Do you mean flora?
    [2013/08/09 18:35] Model informant: ŦĹŐŔĂ ŔĂVĔŃ (floraniana)
    [2013/08/09 18:35] Model informant: yes
    [2013/08/09 18:36] gloriasilverstone: yeah
    [2013/08/09 18:36] gloriasilverstone: Just between you and me
    [2013/08/09 18:36] gloriasilverstone: So said I needed to tip FFC
    [2013/08/09 18:36] Model informant: Really
    [2013/08/09 18:37] gloriasilverstone: So I wasn’t sure if that is what all contest do or just in the modeling world
    [2013/08/09 18:37] Model informant: She told others it’s a lie
    [2013/08/09 18:37] Model informant: Thats too bad

    [2013/08/09 18:39] Model informant: She ask/begs for money
    [2013/08/09 18:39] gloriasilverstone: Oh I see
    [2013/08/09 18:39] Model informant: She has been ejected from some groups
    [2013/08/09 18:39] gloriasilverstone: Flo asked me to tip her for the contest, in my book that is asking for money, what would you call it?
    [2013/08/09 18:39] Model informant: You should not have tipped FFC
    [2013/08/09 18:40] Model informant: I know
    [2013/08/09 18:40] gloriasilverstone: I didn’t know what to do
    [2013/08/09 18:40] Model informant: That’s so bad of her
    [2013/08/09 18:40] Model informant: Her reputation is bad in some circles
    [2013/08/09 18:40] gloriasilverstone: I’m really new to the SL modeling world
    [2013/08/09 18:41] gloriasilverstone: So like I said I wasn’t sure if that is what you do or don’t do
    [2013/08/09 18:41] gloriasilverstone: My mentor is on vacation, so I didn’t know what to do
    [2013/08/09 18:41] Model informant: you should have asked me
    [2013/08/09 18:42] Model informant: Don’t give anybody any money

    [2013/08/09 18:42] Model informant: Wrong is wrong
    [2013/08/09 18:43] Model informant: I take the side of person who is right
    [2013/08/09 18:43] gloriasilverstone: ok
    [2013/08/09 18:43] gloriasilverstone: So tipping contest/modeling schools just doesn’t happen in SL?
    [2013/08/09 18:43] gloriasilverstone: Is that a fair statement?
    [2013/08/09 18:44] Model informant: Yes

    [2013/08/09 18:48] gloriasilverstone: I feel really bad about everything now that I think back on it
    [2013/08/09 18:49] gloriasilverstone: She asked me to start a blog & FB page for FFC
    [2013/08/09 18:49] gloriasilverstone: But now that she is telling ppl negative things about me, I’m upset
    [2013/08/09 18:50] gloriasilverstone: What did she tell you, if I may ask?
    [2013/08/09 18:50] Model informant: Well somebody that was in that contest told me
    [2013/08/09 18:50] gloriasilverstone: told you what?
    [2013/08/09 18:51] Model informant: I asked Flo point blank
    [2013/08/09 18:51] Model informant: She said it’s a lie
    [2013/08/09 18:51] Model informant: That you were forced to tip
    [2013/08/09 18:51] gloriasilverstone: Oh
    [2013/08/09 18:51] gloriasilverstone: so she asked others to tip?
    [2013/08/09 18:52] Model informant: No only you. The winner.
    [2013/08/09 18:53] gloriasilverstone: So how did the “other” person know about it, b/c I didn’t tell anyone?
    [2013/08/09 18:53] Model informant: May be you told somebody
    [2013/08/09 18:53] gloriasilverstone: no
    [2013/08/09 18:53] Model informant: or she herself told somebody

    [2013/08/09 18:54] gloriasilverstone: I won’t let anyone destroy my reputation period
    [2013/08/09 18:57] gloriasilverstone: The fact that she asked me to do a “blog and facebok page and advertisment for her, puts me in a terrible position. If she has a bad reputation, I won’t be linked to it.
    [2013/08/09 18:59] gloriasilverstone: Thank you for being honest and forthright with me.
    [2013/08/09 19:00] Model informant: She still has strong supporters

    [2013/08/09 19:01] Model informant: But people know she asked you for money
    [2013/08/09 19:01] gloriasilverstone: good to know
    [2013/08/09 19:02] gloriasilverstone: I’m in a tough spot b/c I still haven’t received my prizes so I have to keep an open line of communication.

    [2013/08/09 19:03] Model informant: Then keep copies of your conversations with Flo
    [2013/08/09 19:04] Model informant: You may need them
    [2013/08/09 19:04] Model informant: I know she does
    [2013/08/09 19:04] gloriasilverstone: What?
    [2013/08/09 19:04] Model informant: She told me she has all converstaion saved
    [2013/08/09 19:04] gloriasilverstone: Need them for what?

    [2013/08/09 19:04] Model informant: May be she brings up some issue
    [2013/08/09 19:05] Model informant: or tells people something which isn’t true
    [2013/08/09 19:05] gloriasilverstone: oh I see
    [2013/08/09 19:05] gloriasilverstone: Why would someone keep copies of conversation? Is that normal?
    [2013/08/09 19:06] Model informant: Those people who have motives
    [2013/08/09 19:06] Model informant: They do
    [2013/08/09 19:06] Model informant: I don’t
    [2013/08/09 19:06] gloriasilverstone: Yucky
    [2013/08/09 19:06] Model informant: yes
    [2013/08/09 19:06] gloriasilverstone: I don’t time for that silly junk
    [2013/08/09 19:06] Model informant: I guess you have not met nasty people
    [2013/08/09 19:06] Model informant: Just be careful
    [2013/08/09 19:08] gloriasilverstone: Well, thank you for your honesty

    Hours before the August FFc finale, Friday, August 30, 2013, the second person asked me troubling questions that involved my reputation. A full month after I won the July FFc contest, the gossip involving this incident was still running like wildfire in the modeling community.
    [2013/08/30 15:28] 2nd Informant: Gloria, did Flora ever ask you to return some of the funds you received?
    [2013/08/30 15:28] gloriasilverstone: Yes
    [2013/08/30 15:28] 2nd Informant: why?
    [2013/08/30 15:28] gloriasilverstone: I have no clue
    [2013/08/30 15:28] 2nd Informant: did she give you a reason
    [2013/08/30 15:28] 2nd Informant: I hope you did not do that
    [2013/08/30 15:29] gloriasilverstone: She asked for a tip and then i found out later that no one tips in SL modeling
    [2013/08/30 15:29] 2nd Informant: she wanted YOU to tip her?
    [2013/08/30 15:29] gloriasilverstone: I’m very new to the SL modeling world and my teacher was on vacation so I never got a chance to ask her if this was the norm
    [2013/08/30 15:29] gloriasilverstone: *normal
    [2013/08/30 15:29] gloriasilverstone: yes, she wanted me to tip FFc
    [2013/08/30 15:30] 2nd Informant: wow, never heard of such
    [2013/08/30 15:30] gloriasilverstone: I’m very upset about it
    [2013/08/30 15:30] 2nd Informant: did you return the funds
    [2013/08/30 15:30] gloriasilverstone: Like I said, i didn’t know what to do
    [2013/08/30 15:30] gloriasilverstone: and didn’t have anyone to ask
    [2013/08/30 15:30] gloriasilverstone: Yes, I returned part of the winnings

    [2013/08/30 15:33] gloriasilverstone: Can I ask, why did you ask me about the funds?
    [2013/08/30 15:34] 2nd Informant: someone said something to me the other day about it
    [2013/08/30 15:34] gloriasilverstone: Ohhh, I see.

    [2013/08/30 15:35] gloriasilverstone: I never told any one about it and I was embarrassed to be taken advantage
    [2013/08/30 15:35] 2nd Informant: wonder how they knew
    [2013/08/30 15:36] gloriasilverstone: I’ve only competed in a few contests and at no time did the owner ask for winnings returned
    [2013/08/30 15:36] 2nd Informant: It was a pose model at “The 24” show
    [2013/08/30 15:36] 2nd Informant: and they said something to me while there
    [2013/08/30 15:36] gloriasilverstone: But someone else approached me also and asked

    [2013/08/30 15:37] gloriasilverstone: Oh wow, that is really bad news
    [2013/08/30 15:38] gloriasilverstone: I didn’t want anyone to know I was such a fool

    [2013/08/30 15:42] gloriasilverstone: I’m worried that my name and reputation has been damaged b/c of Flora’s actions.
    [2013/08/30 15:42] 2nd Informant: I would be also
    [2013/08/30 15:43] gloriasilverstone: I’m not sure how I need to proceed but Flora’s demands and rudeness has caused upsetness for me.

    [2013/08/30 21:43] gloriasilverstone: I’m having an ethical problem doing a blog for Flora. Flora was very demeaning and insulting to me yesterday & today. I don’t want my name allied with her especially now that other people know about the incident where she made me give back part of my winnings. I don’t feel I can promote a contest with that kind of unethical leader. If she asked me for the winning back, then she is going to ask the next winner for the same. It’s frankly wrong.
    [2013/08/30 21:44] 2nd Informant: yes
    [2013/08/30 21:44] 2nd Informant: I agree
    [2013/08/30 21:44] 2nd Informant: I respect your view

    These are some of the troubling events leading up to my blog on Saturday and the reason I removed myself from the FFc team, and ALL association with Flora Raven. Once again, I’m not indicting the rest of the Flora Fashion team, sponsors, designers or contestants in this unethical behavior solely perpetrated by Flora Raven.

  13. Niki Silverweb says:

    As Gloria’s best friend in RL and SL, I have some cogent comments regarding the “Sad Conclusion” blog that I will address in depth. Gloria is beyond reproach as a person, highly ethical, honorable, and my best friend in RL and SL. Her talent and ethics are obvious to all around her.

    Gloria would never take a position that was not well defined and deliberated, or a position that was designed to hurt anyone. If anything, Gloria is too kind and is always considered “the sweet one” in the group. The barrage of hateful attacks on Gloria from people who were not privy to incidents that led up to her blog post, amaze me. Logic will attest that no person would spend countless hours setting up a blog for Flora, a FB page for Flora’s contest, authoring blog pages (assuring each contestant and judge was accurately, fairly and evenly portrayed, including direct quotes & photos of every contestant), photographing the contests, and updating the pages…. To then abandon the hard work for no reason… It’s implausible.

    Ethics, morality and the high road:

    –Victimize the Victim? Who stands for that?

    I mentioned in my FB post on the Gloria Silverstone’s “sad …” that I had in depth remarks regarding the blog and the “haters that attacked Gloria for her blog,” and the events leading up to the blog.

    FYI: This report may take several posts. I asked my friend Gloria if I could address remarks made against her on her blog and she agreed. Although Gloria would like to move on, I don’t believe as her friend, I can let these erroneous and ridiculous statements go unchallenged.

    To be crystal clear, I need to speak out because Gloria was being attacked for her ethical stance. Some attempted to force Gloria ‘to take down’ her post, and others tried to ‘reframe’ the actual incidents.

    I am Gloria’s friend in Real Life. Gloria is my roommate. For that reason, I have factual knowledge about the Flora and FFc situation. I’m not as nice as Gloria, so .. “buckle up for a bumpy ride…”

    Last week, I walked in when the computer was open and beeping. Gloria was AFK, I walked over to turn off the sound and there was a conference call from Flora Raven. Flora Raven wrote “…drag your damn ass… in here” and other demeaning and offensive remarks. I was shocked. Who talks to people in that manner? When Gloria came home, I told her someone ‘gross’ was on the computer and she may want to address the issue. It was after this raving monster’s rant that Gloria told me what had occurred with Flora. Gloria showed me previous ims and transactions giving Flora back money from Gloria’s 1000L July win the previous month. This was NOT a tip. Flora strong-armed Gloria into giving her money, badgering her and saying that the contest needed the money to run, and she (Flora) needed shopping money for clothes.

    When the original incident occurred, Gloria didn’t disclose the dirty little secret of FFc winners. She was absolutely shocked and didn’t know how to handle this kind of person, and gave Flora back some of the winnings (now what Flora calls a ‘tip’)… are you for real Flora? In who’s language is this a tip? You give a tip for services rendered, like a DJ at a nightclub, or valet who parks your car, not when you work 3 grueling days under pressure to win a contest. That’s not a tip, that’s extortion).

    This is not about money, or fame for Gloria. This is about principle and what you stand for in life. If you are held up in a robbery and the guy wants your money, and you don’t want to give it, what do you do? Say no, right, but if the guy, tells you that they have nothing and their kid is going to die without an operation and then you give them money? Is that OK? In my opinion, Flora “strong-armed” my friend into giving her part of her winnings back. That’s a mob mentality, Mafia mentality. The absolute worst part is when Gloria gave her the so called dirty tip, Flora spread rumors about her in the modeling community. Why? I don’t know, but a good speculation is to promote FFc, ruin Gloria possibilities as a stylist, and continue to use and abuse her talents. Flora is a nasty piece of work and any person that aligns with her, is suspect in my book. Gloria didn’t want another woman to be caught in this web of lies and intrigue that is spewed by Flora.

    Circling the Wagon:

    Shortly after Gloria’s July FFc win, one of Flora’s model pals came to Gloria and asked if Flora asked her for money? Gloria was stunned. Literally stunned! How did this person know, Gloria thought? I’m sure she was disturbed with the situation, but she had already committed to doing a blog for FFc and she did it marvelously (IMO). Flora had asked her to be the “official blogger” for FFC, Gloria wanted the experience, so she said yes. Flora wanted a blog page (which she doesn’t know how to set up herself), a FB page(which still hasn’t been updated with the August winners, showing her marvelous passion for her contest runs so deep, she can’t be bothered with trivia like naming the winners). Flora was demanding, nasty, rude, threatening and thoroughly distasteful as a human being (I’ve seen the ims). I told Gloria to end the relationship with FFC and Flora. Gloria intended to leave after the August round, but on late Friday evening, 8-30-13, Gloria learned that more rumors were being spread, making it appear that Gloria bribed Flora for the win, and this new knowledge was too much for Gloria to bear. The only thing Gloria could do was to disassociate herself immediately with Flora and not be a part of the dirty mess. Gloria explained in a most gracious and lovely fashion her reason for leaving on HER own personal blog. She never used the FFC blog at any time to indict this extortionist. No person, organization, judge, contestant or donor other than Flora was indicted. There is no reason for you ladies on the team to circle the wagons to protect a fraud and try to make the honorable person, Gloria Silverstone, the scapegoat. This was never a miscommunication. This was extortion, plain and simple. Next time get the facts before you circle the wagons.

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