50L Friday Specials

50L Specials Belleza skin & Teefly sweaterdress

Belleza Delaney Skin & Tee*fy Olga Sweatersuit Dress (50L items), Purple Pose Sara 1

Great steals & deals for 50L Friday including Belleza Skin, home decor, Female poses and Fall dress.  Don’t miss these Friday, August 30, 2013 only specials!

Belleza Skin (8.30  Teefy Sweatshirt Dress

Bang-Poses (Female, 8.30

Plastik (8.30

floorplan Deer art:home decor

floorplan Half Tables (8.30

ADD-Andel Mobiles

Sanctuaire Rugs

Mudhoney You Look Sexy Wall Art (8.30

Botanical Tree guard

► Belleza
► Tee*fy
► !Bang Poses
► the Plastik
► floorplan
► ADD Andel 
► Sanctuaire 
► Mudhoney 
► Botanical

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