Flora’s Fashion Contest Round #2, Inspiration: Red Carpet Royalty

This morning was round two of FFc styling contest, inspiration: Global Red Carpet Royalty  Read my blog below for details.  


A big thank you to designer and sponsor Eles Brianna of Romance Couture for the Etta dress I wore to today’s FFc show.  Etta is perfect to wear while shopping, or having coffee with friends on Sunday.  The modern tribal print in ruby blends nicely with the full 50s skirt and matching shoes.  The boat neckline with cap sleeves marry with the sash at the waist.  A fun fresh and easy to wear dress for any summer day.


Top 5

Top 5: Spirit Llewellyn (Ireland), Joana Wingtips (Germany), Dementia Navarita (India), Oraclelight (Spain) & Zion (Netherlands)

This morning was the second round of Flora’s Fashion Contest and what a fierce battle!  The five models (above photo) were selected yesterday to compete for the title of Ms. FFc August 2013 and win over $15,000L in prizes and cash.  The inspiration for today’s timed challenge was “Red Carpet Royalty.”  In 30 minutes the models were required to style a regal runway look, complete with tiara, using three different designers in the main gown and representing a country of their choice.  No countries could be the same.  The decision was the hardest to date but in the end three lucky ladies will move forward to the final round next Saturday, August 28, 2013 at 10am.

Representing India and placing first was Ms. Dementia Navarita. Dementia’s designers are Zaara, Mashooka Designs and Nicky Ree.  Her headpiece tiara in golden bronze perfectly symbolized the richness of East Asian culture.  Judge Flora Raven remarked, “as an Indian women, I love this styling.”

Dementia 3       Dementia full

Our second place contestant, Ms. Oraclelight exemplifies Spain and in particular the “hidden part of the New Orlean Creole women.” Oraclelight channels her inner Creole Spanish women using Son!a as her main gown, Mohna Lisa Couture, Utopia and an Illusions mask.  A golden crown of leaves by Alexandra completed the spicy Latin look. Guest Judge and sponsor Sam Deluxe of Beautiful Deluxe Body Artistry commented, “It’s interesting that when I first saw her the country that came to mind was Spain…This a true testament that you did a wonderful job.”

Oraclelight 3    Oraclelight full

Ms. Spirit Llewellyn was chosen third for her fresh interpretation of Ireland. Spirit styled three designers, Lillou’s Designs, Son!a, Tres Beaus to create a white ivory and gold gown.  She accessorized with Kelly Green notes in her jewelry, nails & crown as we escaped to the golden barley fields of this European nation.  Judge Ava Jhamin mentioned, “I am irish and colors are green, gold and white, I love it.”

Spirit 3   Spirit Full

We would like to thank sponsor Eles (eleseren.brianna) of Romance Couture who donated the FFc team style today (check out the slide show below with pics of judges, contestants and guest).  Also, we appreciate guest judge Sam Deluxe of Beautiful Deluxe Body Artistry for taking her time today.  A warm thank you to all the sponsors, judges, audience and talented contestants! Everyone did an amazing job representing diverse red carpet world looks in 30 minutes. It just shows how talented this group is.  Stop by next Saturday, August 28, 2013 as we crown our new Ms FFc!  Taxi

FFc Team & judges- final 7

Sam Deluxe, Summitt Beaumont, Eles Brianna, Ava Jhamin, Flora Raven, Darlene Snowbear, Gloria Silverstone


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