She’s a Rainbow

Alice Project Hair & .ellabella. Lace-up pants

  • Alice Project Alexis Glitter Rainbow Streaks hair in 5 colors
  • Faster Pussycats Lace-up Psychedelic jeans
  • Aisling Unicorn tail
  • CIA Design Tie-Dye beaded top (available at Euphoria)
  • Pose by ibang fluidty set (not on the hunt)

“Taste the Rainbow” hunt has official started and as promised I wanted to show you the remaining hunt gifts.  After trying on all the new clothes, I channeled my inner Cher and immersed myself in the flower power culture of the late 1960’s.  You can never have too many ribbons, or flowers, worn in your hair :-)!  While reading this post don your shades.  Once again, the Taste the Rainbow hunt runs from August 10 to September 3 with exclusive gifts from selected designers and items for sale at a discount at the Rainbow Cart Event.  I’ve supplied you with a Rolling Stones’ song, so you can embrace the hippie vibe of this post.

The Plastick- Tee's

  • The Plastik Tops in 5 prints
  • Pure Poison Neon Fashion Necklace (available at Euphoria)
  • Pose by marukin limon set (not on the hunt)

Pink Fuel Metallic Lipstick

  • Pink Fuel Metallic Lipsticks in 16 colors for light & dark skin

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