Coloring outside the lines

The Box- PP Rainbow Romper, BSD Yellow Bag & Shoes, PP Jewelry

The new round of The Box has open with colorful fun items perfect for summer from Pure Poison and BSD Design Studio.  Pure Poison has designed the Gillian Overalls in 5 bold prints and BSD created Style Deconstruction wedges.  On Sunday, I picked up some gifties at the Summer Break Festival (now closed) and paired the rompers with a BSD Fashion Model Yellow Traveller Bag (available at the main store), Pure Poison Orange Slice Earrings and Dulce Secrets green make-up. For other jewelry pieces, I used BSD Iconic Beauty Green Bangles (gift at Food Fair), Pure Poison Pinky Ribbon Bracelet and I played BSD new gatcha machine at the main store for the Trendcaster Necklace in dark purple (don’t play it, the necklace doesn’t fit).  Overall, with an assorted of items, I created a vibrant cheerful day wear outfit great for shopping or exploring the Inaka sim.  Enjoy!

  • Skin: Belleza, Ashley August BBB1 Medium
  • Romper: Pure Poison, Gillian Overalls (Rainbow)
  • Shoes: BSD Design Studio, Style Deconstruction wedges (White/Black)
  • Bag: BSD Design Studio, Yellow Travel Bag
  • Jewelry: BSD, Green Iconic Beauty Cuff & Purple Trendcaster Collar, Pure Poison, Pinky Ribbon Bracelets & Orange Slice Earrings (Summer Earrings Set)

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