Photo contests & model searches

Kastle Rock Couture
Are YOU the new face of fashion?
Kastle Rock Couture established in Second Life in 2008 and has grown into a popular choice for quality women’s daywear and formal wear. KRC prides itself on fun designs with class, elegance and style.
At this time, we seek a new team of fashion models to walk our latest designs down the runway! Finalists are offered a place in the lineup for our upcoming summer show currently scheduled for July 21, 2013. They will also be considered our official store models until our next competition,* utilized for possible print ads, events and future runway shows.** (not to be confused with our in-store models spinning around on a stand)
=Join our Flickr group and submit an image to the group pool by June 17th at 11:59PM SLT the description for your photo, put ONLY your avatar’s name.

=Contestant MUST be wearing Kastle Rock Couture clothing currently available in the store. (This means nothing out of the discount store or 4 year old designs no longer sold, etc)

Your image will be judged on 3 criteria:
-Artistic expression
-Avatar appearance
-Styling/representation of product

=Photos will have no writing or logos. A photographer’s “signature” is allowed in the corner if it is modest.

=No nudity.

Semi-Finalists will be chosen by a panel of 5 qualified judges from the fashion and modeling industry. These will advance to the runway phase of the competition, scheduled for 10AM SLT June 22, 2013. Semi-finalists will be scored on appearance/styling, posing and walking.

Finalists will receive clothing and store credit for Kastle Rock Couture and possible linden payments. Other incentives may be offered as well.

Please direct any questions to Uschi Darkrose via notecard. No IMs please.

*any finalist can be excused from this position by the designer and/or management.

** Those chosen to fill the model positions understand they are not under contract. Available model work will be per diem and offered at the discretion of management. Either party may end the agreement at any time. You may accept work from other stores/agencies during this time.

Kastle Rock Couture Model Search 2013, Gloria Silverstone by Gloria Silverstone


1) The contest will start on Saturday 1st June;

2) All women wishing to take part MUST be more than 6 months old in SL. I will check
3) All women entering this contest MUST also be in The White Armory group and that The White Armory group is showing in your list of groups. Again I will check 🙂
4) No previous modelling experience is required
5) Contestants MUST wear clothing by The White Armory only
6) Jewellery, hair, skin, shoes, etc can be worn by other designers
7) All photographs taken for the challenges MUST be taken by you and not by another photographer. Also, no photo morphing please.
8) You may edit your photos yourself
9) Finally if you are one of the lucky ladies to go through to the Final of the contest, you must be available on the following dates and times:
Wednesday 31st July at 12pm slt – Rehersal
Saturday 3rd August at 1pm slt – Rehersal
Sunday 4th August at 1pm slt – FINAL
If you don’t think you can attend, then please re-think before you enter this contest.

Entry instructions or Stage 1:

1) Each entrant must take one full body shot photo wearing your favorite gown or outfit by The White Armory,

2) You’re photo has to be taken by YOU and not by another photographer.

3) Please ensure that your photo is Full Permissions so that I can place it onto the contest board.

4) Name your photo/texture Miss TWA 2013 – Your Name.

5) Please submit your TEXTURE ONLY to Piper Hanriot by no later than Saturday 15th June at 1pm slt.

Good luck ladies and have lots of fun! If you have any questions, please send a notecard to Piper Hanriot.


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