Belleza Best Buy… introduces Ava

The new Belleza Best Buy Ava skin is available for three days, until Sunday, June 9, 2013 for 400L each. The BBB is a monthly feature.  The Ava skin is offered in three styles with different make-up options in five skin tones from Pale to Dark Suntan, so there is something for everyone at a great reduced price.  Belleza also offers three skin styles for Men as well.  Mya is a special edition skin with stunning teal and pink eye shadow available at The Whore Couture for 500L until the end of June. My bestie Niki helped model some of the skins we got and I personally think she looks stunning!

Belleza Best Buy Skin -Niki (Ava, BB1 in Pale)Belleza Best Buy Skin -Niki (Ava, BB2 in Med)Belleza Best Buy 3 Ava Skin, Sun Kiss (Niki)

Belleza BB2 in Pale (Gloria)Belleza TWC special Skin -Niki (Mya in Pale)Belleza, Mya in Fair - TWC (Gloria)

  • Ava BB1, Pale (Left to right, top)
  • Ava BB2, Medium
  • Ava BB3, Sun-Kissed
  • Ava BB2, Pale (second row)
  • Mya TWC, Pale
  • Mya TWC, Fair

Our shop spree at Ricielli paid off. Photos taken at Raspberry City. 

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