Come rain or come shine…

May- Rain or Shine Collection I’m terribly late blogging about the latest collection at Collabor88, Rain or Shine (May 2013), but not to fret there is still time.  As you know, each month selected designers create items at affordable prices.  A new round starts the 8th of each month and the store closes the 7th, to set-up for the next collection.  Lots of fun, cute spring items can be found there including clothing, hair, a large selection of home decor & even a skybox.  I fell for the LISP bistro set with 4 metal texture changes & numerous cushion changes.  This is such an adorable set that at this price you need to get one!  The bistro set wanted a friend, and because I’m in the process of redecorating my new SL house with a shabby chic beachy vibe, the Trompe Loeil- Beachside Cabinet was perfect.  I’m a girl who loves decorating both in SL & RL, so why not buy another daybed… they are functional, friendly and welcoming, the floorplan naptime was perfect.  So that started me daydreaming about waking up in a field of flowers, which led to my splurge purchased of Schadenfreude Into the Woods dress in yellow.  At the C88 reasonable prices, nothing is a “splurge” but I LOVE Yellow and own a ton of garments in that color.  The dress is S.. ooooooo sweet that I’ll be dancing in the rain or shine with my Yummy Sunbrella in Orange (couldn’t resist), while wearing my free D!va hair (sample pack) and Ison-Billie patent heels.  Also, you don’t want to miss The Dressing Room-Fusion selection ending tomorrow, Thursday, June 6, 2013.  TDR is a discount store with items from 40 to 70L.  I picked up the Izzie’s Irene skin (worn below), and I’m planning to head back to snag the Ricielli items.  Hope this post inspirited you to daydream and hop over to Collabor88 & The Dressing Room before the collections are gone.  This weeks plans: I’m in the middle of hunting for Moolto Sisterhood hunt gifts and will post gift previews later today (hopefully).  Meanwhile, enjoy the intoxicating Sarah Vaughan version of Come Rain or Come Shine.

  • Bistro Set: LISP, Rain or Shine Set–Pastels (Texture change)
  • Cabinet: Trompe Loeil, Beachside Cabinet–Blue
  • Bed: Floorplan, Naptime Daybed (Texture change)
  • Umbrella: Yummy, Sunbrella–Orange
  • Dress: Schadenfreude, Into the Woods–Yellow
  • Hair: D!va, Marie (All color pack)–Free
  • Shoes: ISON, Billie Patent Heels–Pink (Texture change)
  • Skin: Izzie’s, Irene TDR Fusion–Brown, The Dressing Room item

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