Happy Rez Day to Me!

On Monday, May 13, 2013 Gloria turned 2 years old.  I know I’m a bit late on celebrating her special day but in RL my birthday last a whole week (sometimes when I’m very sweet I can push it to two), so Gloria will be fine with my belated birthday wishes.  I honestly can’t believe I’ve been on SL for 2 years.  I was the biggest skeptic of second life and thought that it was hot bed of creepy old dudes with only one thing on their mind.  I have never been more wrong about anything.  I love the diversity of artists, activities and of course, the friends I have made.  A special shout out goes to Niki Silverweb (who convince me to try SL out and after my first hunt, I was hooked), Kaliwillo Lane Celt (sweet dear Kali, I made a real friend for life), Stormy Somerton (my girlfriend who is always ready to find a great party or willing to start one, lol), Alma, Ayla, Yvone, Warm, Journey, Jezzixa, Argus, Shiran, Don, Grant, Wicca, Cao, Morgane, Wren and Max you are all so special to me…..thank you for making my SL experience the best!

Birthday table

Birthday girl

Giant cupcake & swing Rez Table & Birthday gifts Rez Table & Cupcake pose

2 thoughts on “Happy Rez Day to Me!

  1. gloriasilverstone says:

    Oh, Happy HAPPY hApPy Birthday!!!!! I hope you had an awesome day….. stretch it to a week or two 🙂 I loooooovvvve your blog, it’s a treat to read. I feel like I know the “real” you and we are just girlfiriends catching up over a drink on Friday night.

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