Spooky style for Springtime

AD-Group Gift-April, close-upWhen I saw the Angel Dessous unique black box special today, Wednesday, April 17, 2013, I thought it was a late April fools joke.  I normally never bash or say anything negative about a store or gifts.  I do not review items for stores or events because frankly I don’t believe official bloggers are objective when you are receiving gifts from designers. I only blog hunts/events or stores that I personally shop at and would like to share with my readers. The past couple of weeks I haven’t had time to juggle the real world, work, friends & family, and Second Life.  I didn’t have time to blog or participate in contest, fashion shows or spring shopping sprees.  I merely mention this because when I googled Angel Dessous and black box specials this morning, I was surprised that only Hidden Gems popped up in the search results.  Furthermore, the blog stats spike every Wednesday, so I presume that SL shoppers check out my blog to determine if they want to invest 69L in the Angel Dessous black box special each week.  My answer today is NO, unless you need a Halloween or Masquerade Ballgown in Spring.  The Angel Dessous black box special, Jovan is a black Monique Lhuillier inspired whipped cream skirt and orange corset with feather shoulders. While at Angel today, I picked up the April group gift, Pleasure, a black velvet corset with bolero fur trimmed jacket.  This lingerie set will be nice for winter evenings by the fireplace, however velvet is just not my friend during the sunny California spring nights. On the bright side, I would like to share the RUST sim, a Steampunk inspired mix area with machines, plants and elephants swaying in the breeze.  Also, I participated in the Dark Romance hunt and picked up 120 free gifts including the Wow Sophia skin worn in the photo.  Both the Rust sim and dark romance hunt are worth checking out.

AD BBlackbox 3:17:13, close-up AD BB 3:17:13, full

  • Gown: Angle Dessous, Jovan (black box special 3/17/13)
  • Jewelry: Purple Moon, Pearl’s Dream (Halloween special 2012)
  • Hair: Amacci, Nami (Summer Blonde)
  • Skin: Wow skin, Sophia
  • Make-up: Wow skin, Barbie black mask & black lipstick
  • Location: Rust by Cica Ghost, LEA13

AD-Group Gift-AprilAD-Group Gift- April on Elephant

  • Lingerie: Angel Dessous, Pleasure (April Group Gift) 
  • Jewelry: Purple Moon, Pearl’s Dream (Halloween special 2012)
  • Hair: Amacci, Nami (Summer Blonde)
  • Skin: Wow skin, Sophia
  • Make-up: Dulce Secret, Serpentine Tears Mask & Petal Lipstick (Dark Romance)
  • Location: Rust by Cica Ghost, LEA13

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