Easter egg hunt at Ali & Ali Hair

Easter is just a few days away and there are a number of grid-wide hunts and store hunts that I wanted to highlight.  For grid-wide hunts, check out Hunt SL page.

Ali & Ali easter egg hunt is underway with bright Easter colored hair hidden around all their stores and franchises, with a maximum of 6 eggs hidden at each location. There are five confirm location at this time and affiliate stores could content more eggs. Look for the poster and close by will be the eggs. The pink & white striped eggs are for girls, the purple striped are for boys & unisex. Honestly, I couldn’t tell the differences between the purple and pink striped eggs, so I now have plenty of crazy color hair for costumes, contests, holiday, clubbing, and more. The hunt is free and available until April 7, 2013, prizes change randomly.

Jasmine hair in orange       Brooke hair in pink       Untouchable hair in cyan

Nicholas hair in blue       Jean hair in purple      Nick in green

Ali & Ali is also having a Spring Trend Color Hair sale on color tipped hair until April 15, 2013 for 50L in Copper, Gold, Mint, and Raspberry at the main Wonderland Beach location for males and females.

List of Ali & Ali store locations for the Easter Egg Hunt:

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