Showgirls of Moulin Rouge!

What a treat!  The talented creative director, producer and owner of the Birdland Jazz & Lounge Club, Alma Fushikizoh, invited me to the performance of SL’s Moulin Rouge at the Balboa Theater last evening, Saturday, March 9, 2013.  The cast performed an adaptation of Baz Luhmann’s 2001 feature film Moulin Rouge complete with original soundtrack.  Song such as Lady Marmalade, Sparkling Diamonds, El Tango de Roxanne and Come What May guided the shows acts.  A wonderful fun production highlighted fabulous costume design by Ingenue Campese, set design by Alma Fushikizoh, marvelous choreography by Alma and Blysse Biondi, and sound by MJ Mischievous John.  The Balboa Theater venue was donated by co-producer Ayesha Lytton of Solace Beach Estates and what a classy home for this spectacular production.  The cast of Showgirls & Burlesque was dramatic and dynamic in their reenactment of the ill-fated love story of Christian (MJ) and Satine (Jaine).  The tango duos (Kaya, Marsha, MJ, and Mishi) thrilled the audience and was my favorite part.  The Showgirls and entire cast outdid themselves with can-can, tango, contemporary, and Bollywood numbers.  It was a great evening and a must see for film goers, theatre lovers and dance aficionados.  This evening, Sunday March 10, 2013 has another performance at 6 PM SLT, and the following Saturday/Sundays at 6 PM SLT until March 24, 2013.

Plan to see this performance before it’s gone!

Producers: Alma Fushikizoh, Blysse Biondi, Ayesha Lytton
Director: Alma Fushikizoh
Choreograhers: Alma Fushikizoh, Blysse Biondi
Set Design: Alma Fushikizoh
Costume Design: Ingenue Campese
Special Technical Assistant: Dixie Barbosa
Production Design: Blysse Biondi, Alma Fushikizoh
Photography: Alma Fushikizoh
Musical Selection: Blysse Biondi
Sound Engineer: MJ – Mischievous John

Creative Performers:
Satine:  Jaine Elvehjem
Christian: MJ – Mischievious John
Toulouse Lautrec: Mishi – Mishimaishi Resident
The Green Fairy: Ada – Adalynne Kouris

Duo Performers:
 Kaya – Kayanite Resident
 Marsha Mulberry
 MJ – Mischievious John
 Mishi – Mishimaishi Resident

Alma Fushikizoh
Blysse Biondi
Carlie – Carly Renee Senne
Sammy – Shayera Hol

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For a little humor, I dressed for the burlesque part of Moulin Rouge, oops….



15 thoughts on “Showgirls of Moulin Rouge!

  1. tinkerbell moonkill says:

    Hummm seems to be yet more names missing from the moulin ruge cast… I happen to be the original Fairy the reason the part was there to begin with not ada not carlie me !!! but stepped down do to terminal illness so classy of you to leave me out… next the show was in honor of a passed (as in dead) showgirl and no mention of her love ya Void miss you more that words could say !! Again such show of class!!!Mrs.. Resident sorry ya friend cant help ya any more than she can control what you blog … ya got the right one this time sweetie…. trust you delete this it will be back alts are a wonderful thing so are friends and copy and past hehee! fook you berry much!

  2. gloriasilverstone says:

    First, I’m not paid to review the show and have not other knowledge of the former cast members but the ones listed on the Birdland Jazz website. If you have problem with the cast list please bring these items up with Alma and not me. Furthermore, disrespect is very unbecoming. I’m sorry that such hate has been a product of my blog, it should not overshadow the wonderful work of Showgirls and Burlesque team. Your ugly comments will remain as a show of the diversity of my readers and viewers. Threats, attacks and bullying are behaviors I WILL NOT tolerate in RL or SL and I WILL NOT back down.

    • Alma Fushikizoh says:

      Gloria, I am deeply sorry, dear. Thank you again for your words and support. It is a pity that such statements are made, and even if I understand the pain that causes them I did not expect to find them here. Again, my sincere apologies and my gratitude for your friendship and support. Thank you…

  3. Carlie Senne says:

    Maybe you as the Producer Alma Should have included at least a honorable mention on Birdland’s page for the Show of those in RL that are terminally ill and unable to perform. IE Tink and Moxie because they are both terminally ill. Let alone tell someone there is no fairy part only for me to find out 2 days before we open there is when that was Tink’s part which is my rl and afore mentioned terminally ill at the present. Look in my profile picks under pick 3. and enjoy your sl self centered type person.

    Carlie Senne first Duo L, Fairy and finally V-line or chorus

  4. gloriasilverstone says:

    Please stop using my blog as a forum to spread hate. The next person who posts flame remarks I will delete. I leave in the US and value free speech. However, these comments are personal attacks and do not fall into the category of discussion. Furthermore, I work in the arts and understand that everyone is not the star and jealousy clouds one’s judgment. Let’s move forward and embrace the meaning of spring and expectations of new beginnings.

    • Carlie Senne says:

      I’m not jealous… but when someone tells another to die wether rl or not like Tink is who happens to be my rl and terminally ill I’ll post again you can delete it I don’t care… If Ruby is that mean of a person to wish someone ill to die so be it peace out. I won’t post on your blog no more…

      • gloriasilverstone says:

        Carlie, I agree. Rudy comments were extreme. I am not condoning her comments or frankly, anyones that are negative. The original hate post by tinkerbell moonkill on March 18, 2013 was a vile attack on my character and I have NOTHING to do with show. I was an audience member who has a blog and wanted to share with my readers a cultural event. I was hoping to get more guest to view the show. All members or former members of the show should not be taking their grievances out on me. Once again, I have nothing to do with it. The Moulin Rouge show has ended and it is time to close this topic. Personaly, I am very sorry to learn about your illness and your fellow former cast members, I wish you all peace.

  5. Marsha Mulberry says:

    I am a Showgirl and Burlesque person, and am very proud of the performance of Moulin Rouge that we worked so hard on! Our audiences seemed very impressed with our hard work, and I want to thank all of our supporters!

  6. Carlie Senne says:

    It’s Ended/closed Gloria but I just want to say it’s Tinkerbell that’s terminally ill not me and we do appreciate your supporting them and the show. She had to step down due to her illness but we do wish them well with any upcoming shows and productions they decide to do. She was hurt she was not mentioned and Alma understands why now she just vented in the wrong place. She’s sorry but please understand she knows what she did wrong and is too sick to argue anymore nor can Alma’s rl so with that. Thank you again for supporting them and wish all peace and love.

  7. Rudy says:

    Carlie/Tinkerbell: My heartfelt apologies. I was trying to defend Gloria and the Showgirls. I went way overboard. I need to dial back my natural brusqueness. I wish nothing but the best of health and happiness to you.

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