Moolto Sisters Hunt, Day in the Life with Gloria- part 3

As the weekend comes to a close, Gloria explores her wild side with fun adventures. Remember the Moolto Sister Hunt features 60 designers for men and women, ending March 30, 2013.

Angel Dessous Jennifer, Latriea Purple heels, Zuri Tiara, Rayno Diamond set & mardid solo make-up

Hot purple stiletto, I’ve been looking everywhere for you…

Bade Sport Workout outfit & Chev Skin

Morning workout, check…

Ruxy & plams

Ruxy Aqua Swimsuit

After touring the coconut groves, a much-needed rest on the beach…

Morea Claudia

I wonder where this leads…


Someone asked for a drink, so I pitched in (this is always the start of trouble)…

Glory Sensual-Pink Ballerina

I never pass up the opportunity to slip toe shoes on again (the whiskey helped a bit)…

Elisea Carter Artemide & Vista Animation gift

The Buenos Aires rhythm takes over…

Glitter Cyber Punk Lingerie

Passed out and exhausted from a weekend of adventure… Thanks for taking the journey with me 🙂

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