Rise Up because We Are FREE!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! As you know, this is my favorite holiday throughout the year.  Mostly because it’s about love, respect and peace.  And, what’s better than to use this occasion to advocate for women’s rights?  I just learned about an event that speaks to my heart, One Billion Rising SL.  A 24 hour dance party with four stages and virtual artist, all with the goal to stop violence against women and girls. The OBR campaign celebrates its 15th anniversary activating men and women, in every country, to walk out, dance, rise up and demand an end to violences.  It is a global strike, an invitation, a call to action, an act of solidarity, a refusal, and an awaking of a new time and a new way of being! I am proud to participate in the “Why I’m Rising” photo contest because there is nothing more power than freedom.  In RL, I’m a feminist artist whose work centers around redefining gender roles in society.  The OBR campaign is a vital event and urge you to check it out.

OBR-photo contestOBR #2

Why I’m rising….because I believe in the power of freedom for all, especially women. I believe that women joining together can overcome centuries of discrimination and achieve their destiny. To empower one is to empower all!

The neon beams represent the millions of women ENRAGED, EMPOWERED and ENERGIZED by a collective force. The energy, creativity and our determination will change the world by supporting each other. We will not be silenced or shamed into keeping our mouth shut!


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