Cupid of Love!

Morgane's MOTM February 2013 - Gloria SilverstoneIn this high tech era where matchmakers are seen on TV, setting up dates that end in disaster, I harken back to a simpler time when destiny came with the help of a bow and arrow.  I am so excited to win the Morgane Batista February Model of the Month contest with the theme Love is in the Air!  To be honest, February is my favorite month of the year because I adore Valentine’s Day and it’s my RL birthday month.  I celebrate most of the month.  For this contest, I paired the Finesmith pose 5 v1 with the January Angel Dessous red chemise lingerie, BLD WingTastic Eternal red wings, Bliss Couture heart fascinator and Isis toe shoes, along with the key item that every Cupid needs… a bow and arrow!   As the winner of the contest, I received 6 poses of my choosing which I will take pics of shortly, and also have my photo displayed at Morgane’s store. This is a fun contest with themes that change monthly, so use your imagination and get your pose on.

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