Ladies Night and the feeling’s right!

I had such a fun time at the movie trivia theme party hosted by catwomen, sorry I mean the sassy feline herself Stormy Somerton of Virtual Asia. We played movie trivia, dance on the rooftops overlooking Tokyo and filled our bellys with some good giggles. The first place trivia winner earned 500L and 2nd place received free items to 1 Hundred.  Boys, the ladies outnumber you 2:1, so hop over the next time and have some fun with us.

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Next weekend is the another round of the Face of Virtual Asia contest, so mark your calendars and get your Harajuku style ready.  More details will be posted soon.


2 thoughts on “Ladies Night and the feeling’s right!

  1. Kaliwillo Lane says:

    You are so talented. I love reading your blog and getting all the updates. And for those that missed this event it was so much fun and i have completely missed that in SL in the last year!

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