Contests galore!

I have been very busy lately entering a number of photo contest and I wanted to share them with you.

Gloria-big topI entered the 2013 NeoVictoria Calendar contest in late December. The focus was to capture the spirit of the Steampunk sim and to create a photo that would correspond to a calendar month. I made it to the final 15 in-world public voting section. The votes are free and you can vote once per person. If you would like to check out the sim or other contestants (OR, if you are so inclined to vote for me, that would be greatly appreciated).  All photo’s are housed in the skymall photo studio. Voting ends January 16!


Honestly, I took so many shots that I had a hard time deciding which pic to select. Also, since we were allowed to submit two photo’s for different months, I wanted to created completely separate looks.  I scored at the Gizza 50% off after Christmas sale and got the stylish steampunk inspired burlesque number (above). My mind automatically jumps to the circus when I think turn of the century era and burlesque, so the circus tent at the NeoVictoria sim was the perfect backdrop to create the mood. Then to switch it up completely, I wanted a traditional Victorian lady gown. The colors in the Grim Bros Miss Tattily gown led me to a welcome home Christmas dinner theme.  Check it out (& vote), it’s a fun sim- always good to explores new venues!

Second, Too Sexy Magazine Cover Model Contest closes tonight. The winner will appear in the February issue of the Too Sexy Magazine with the theme of red or pink (and sexy)!    I styled myself in heart printed lingerie and a love fascinator! Keep your eyes open for other model contest from this magazine.

Gloria Silverstone-Red Hearts

Third, the Headshots in Second Life January theme was blindfold.  I normally don’t frequent the darkside, but I thought Blinded by Love would be a different spin on the entries so far.  This contest closes at the end of the month with online voting deciding the winner via flickr.

Blinded by Love

Last, The White Armory Winter Photo Contest closes tomorrow with the theme of Icy Fanasty.  My dear friend, Kali introduced me to this store (thank you sugar).  The Dare to Dream fairy costume is highlighted in this mystical world.

The White Armory-Icy Fantasy

I very happy to share my information about contests, HOWEVER please do not copy my ideas or themes. I recently had someone directly steal a photo concept and had the nerve to post the picture 12 hours after I posted mine.  I understand Second Life is the wild west, but there is still intellectual integrity, and plagarism is plagarism.

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