Dulce Secrets Vendor Ad Styling Contest

Today, January 5, 2013, I participated in the Dulce Secret vendor ad styling challenge to promote their new line of party girl make-up tattoos.  It was a time challenge and a word to the wise, your inventory needs to be organized, unlike mine which is out of control. Another helpful hint would be to select a few items before hand.  This was my first time challenge styling event and I felt like I was back in school, cramming for a quiz. The challenge was to pick up a bag at the reception desk of Dulce Secret’s main store that contained the Glo Malibu skin and the entire line of the party girl make-up. We had one hour to create a complete look that would highlight the make-up line.  I was concerns to not select a make-up that would die on the runway, or wear anything that would overshadow the make-up.  I chose the Gold Dust Party Girl make-up and paired it with an orange Azul cocktail dress and Chop Zuey jewelry.  I felt the colors and sassy attitude of the clothes/jewelry would complement the make-up.  Hop on over to Dulce Secret and try out the fresh and fun Party Girl make-up line.

Before Look:

Before full                     Before close-up

After Look:

after full                     after close-up


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