Party like it’s 1989!

Ok, so I know Prince would kill me for rewording his song, but I just came home from a rad rooftop party hosting by the totally awesome Stormy Somerton of Virtual Asia and the chillin’ DJ ZteflonDon.  It was 80’s theme trivia night and we rocked to 80’s/90’s music all night long, (sorry I just couldn’t help myself there).  We played 80’s/90’s trivia with 25L collected for each correct answer. The person with the most correct answers won 500L and 2nd place 300L of Chica Boom clothing.  Sadly, I didn’t win but I had a ball.  More theme parties are planned for the coming months, so come on over to Virtual Asia and meet some new friends.

Party People

party people       party people 2        party people 3

Stormy Somerton, DJ ZteflonDon & Me

Stormy        Close up on DJ Don       Gloria 80's outfit

Close up on my cool Piano shoes (that I’m sure Elton John would envy)

Shoes    shoes 2

Thanks all for indulging me with this fun blast from the past!


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