Angel Dessous & Finesmith Gift

AD Blackbox & Finesmith giftEvery Wednesday, Angel Dessous places a surprise item in a black box for 69L, that is only available that day. The black box could contain one original complete lingerie, casual or gown set of the current collection. But you never know what is hidden in the box.  So, I took a chance and received the Chicka lingerie set in champagne that I paired with Finesmith New Year gift, Happiness. The Happiness set is in a soft rose gold with pearl inlay and includes a tiara, necklace & earrings. To complete the look, I wore the super cool Dulce Secret lace baroque make-up and D!va Naomi bouffant hair.

I also noticed a few sales that I would like to share with you.  Angel Dessous is having a 100L special on all outlet gowns and 30L specials on discontinued items.  Finesmith opened an outlet store that has jewelry pieces from 70L, 100L & 250L, and is holding an open audition for female print & store models on Thursday, January 3, 2012 at 10am.  The model search is only open to certified models.  Good luck!


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