Santa coming to BLD WingTastic!

Calling all angels, fairies, petites, and lovers of wings!

~BLD~ Petite Size BM Style Obsidian Black wings Poster

Lots of cool things happening at BLD WingTastic this month. A monthly photo contest, a hunt and Christmas gifts under the tree. BLD was founded in 2006 by Beliria Lumley with the focus on selling wings, and a variety of jewelry and hair accessories. BLD has a store loyalty point base system, event, hunts and giveaways. Custom work is request via notecard only. With the growing popularity of Petites in SL, Beliria is currently designing a collection for Petite that will be available for purchase soon. Here is a sneak peek of the Petite wings. Also, Santa will have gifts under the tree starting at 4PM SLT on December 24, 2012. A friendly elf informed me that a few specialty gifts for Petites will be included.

The monthly photo contest ends December 31, 2012. A few requirements: join the flickr group, purchase wings from BLD and upload pictures wearing the wings. Winners will get 150L in store loyalty. Come on, I know you want a wing-off!

Gloria in BLD Wings Green & Red, white snow

Winter Snowball Hunt runs till January 2, 2013. There are 20 snowballs hidden around the store with prizes for regular avis. I got a few sets of wings, so if you see me flying high, you’ll know where the wings came from.

This is fun shop that offers lots of opportunities for fantasy roleplay. Be sure not to miss it!


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